Friday, June 24, 2005

smashing pumpkins to reunite???

Read about it here: Corgan plans to Un-Smash The Pumpkins

As a long time fan of this dead band, I'm frankly insulted by this news. Billy put out an ad about this purely to promote his solo album. It's no coincidence that this news came out the week his album was released. The man wants to remind everyone of his past glories so they'll be inspired to buy what is, in my opinion, a weak collection of songs produced to the point of un-listenability.

I seriously doubt that James Iha (who left the stage of the farewell Chicago concert like a man with a plane to catch), would really want to get involved with Corgan again. Corgan has ripped him in the press and in his blogs. Even if James has gotten A Perfect Circle out of his system, I can't see him joining this foolish idea. D'Arcy has had her own problems with Billy as well. So unless she needs cash to finance her habit (if she still has it), she's out too. And Jimmy Chamberlain seems more interested in being a father and having his own band, the Jimmy Chamberlain Complex. Besides, not only is there no emotional benefit … where’s the financial one? It would be different if Billy Corgan’s solo album, poetry book, and Zwan disaster were raking in the cash … but they’re not. The Pumpkins broke up at a career low point, commercially speaking. You don’t just magically overcome that with a 5 year absence. Maybe after 10 years … like The Pixies or Jane’s Addiction.

Billy strikes me as a talented but insecure man with a large chip forever on his shoulders. He's never felt like he's gotten the proper respect or acknowledgement for his accomplishments. And I might try to sympathize, if he wasn't always so confrontational and whiney about it. Have some self-respect, let the past take care of itself, and stop over-calculating every move. Just move on.


Blogger the train said...

do you think the weak reception to his solo album will bolster his desire to reunite the pumpkins, or kill it?

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