Wednesday, March 30, 2005

spin the black circle

At a time when I should be in super-saver mode, I still find myself buying too much music. I think that once my CD collection surpassed 500 CD's that extreme measures needed to be introduced. I went into one Vinnie-esque CD selling phase. "But no, I can't possibly sell this Del Amitri album. I mean come on! 'Roll To Me' rocks!!'

Ok, for the record, 'Roll To Me' never rocked. The video was awful too. But the above statement typifies the type of inner conflict I'd experience while deciding what to get rid of. If I could find one vaguely cool song on a CD, chances are that I'd keep the entire thing. Maybe I'd find another gem. There are also those albums I want to like either because the artist used to put out good music ('Machina; The Machines of God'), or for purely historical reasons (any Byrds album). Seriously, do I still need every single Tori Amos album? I think I've listened to 'Scarlet's Walk' three times and never made it deeper than 5 songs. And minus five points for 'Strange Little Girls'. What's my freaking problem? Am I scared that I'll have some rabid Tori fan over who will notice the gap in my collection between 'Under The Pink' and 'From The Choirgirl Hotel' and stab me in the name of Pele?

Isssh. So now I have even more CD's to add to the pile of the un-listened and the unwanted...picked these up today...

Sunny Day Real Estate - 'Rising Tide' (proto-emo, melodic rock)
Yellow Magic Orchestra - 'Solid State Survivor' (early electronic beat and squeak fun)
Cocteau Twins - 'Heaven or Las Vegas' (echoy and shimmery post-goth love)
Tangerine Dream - 'Dream Roots Collection' (atmospheric, doesn't age very well, bought for $1.00 on clearance, epic box-set, soundtrack-ish mood music)
Juno Reactor - Shango (former goa-trance freaks expand into world beat and mainstream dance love'n)

So now we wait for the next CD to fall. I already know that the Cocteau and Sunny Day CD's kick some serious ass. Now its time for the others to slowly win me over... Or to end up being ignored somewhere on my shelf between A Perfect Circle and Zwan...


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