Thursday, January 20, 2005

music no go die!

For some reason, buying a bunch of CD's puts me in a great mood. Unlike my friend Vinnie, who goes through CD's like they're kleenex, I have over 600 CD's and enjoy seeing the collection grow. Music knowledge is a small obsession with me, and sampling different flavors is my wonderful habit. This is what I bought today:

TEGAN & SARA - 'So Jealous' 2004 (folk grrrl rock)
THE MOODY BLUES - 'A Question Of Balance' 1970 (english tea art-rock)
ALOHA - 'Here Comes Everyone' 2004 (indie-prog love)
FELA KUTI - 'The Best Best Of' 1972-1984 (afro-beat dance fuck-all)

So far, I've only listened to Fela Kuti - and it is the shit. This is where you find the genesis of the Afro-Beat movement. Fela Ransome Kuti and his band, Africa 70, wrote hard-edged political grooves throughout the 70's. This brought about the rage of the Nigerian Army, which invaded his compound and beat and raped his followers. Hardcore. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys 'ethnic'-jazz, or anyone who listens to Bob Marley for reasons OTHER than because they smoke pot.

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